How easy is it to work from home?

With the onset of the Corona Virus slowly taking over the news, one of the recommendations is to companies is to allow your staff to work from home. Depending on your business, this may not even be possible, but if you have office based staff there are several options available to you.

Most posts I have been looking at are talking about remote meetings and conferencing and the likes of and offer free trials and may be extending them to help out.

If you are using Microsoft 365, then Skype or Teams may be of use to help keep in touch.

The other issue is how to you actually work from home? If you are a larger company with servers in place that support Remote Desktop sessions then you are sorted. If, like the majority of small - medium sized companies you don't have this luxury, then what can you do?

Like the conferencing software, the likes of TeamViewer, GoToMyPC & LogMeIn offer free trials, usually 14 days, but these are designed for individual use rather than business use. These tools allow you to connect to your work computer from any other computer (as long as your computer you want to connect to is on).
The business version of these options can be quite expensive, but they all have pricing on their websites.

The main issue with the personal or individual trial version is that if multiple connections are made to the same office or it is heavily used, this may trigger an 'unfair use' warning and encourage you to upgrade your plan to business or paid service. How flexible these companies will be during this time is down to them, but don't expect it free forever.

We have found and tested one free version that works well. It may lack a few features of the paid for versions, but it does allow you to connect to your computer and use it with ease.

It is a Google Chrome Extension called Chrome Remote Desktop.
If you don't have Chrome - Download and install it.
Create a Google account - You can have multiple accounts on one machine.
Go to and click the Get Started button. This will guide you through the installation to make the machine you are on the one you want to connect to.
Once installed, go to any other device and go to, login with your Google Account and you should see your computer to connect to.
Click it to connect and away you go.
You don't need Chrome running to connect to the machine
Which ever solution you decide to opt for, it is worth testing beforehand to ensure it is up and working correctly for you.

As I mentioned above, any tool that allows you to connect to the computer requires your computer to be on, so please make sure all your power settings are correct and that your computer doesn't go to sleep.

If it logs off, that is fine, your can send a CTRL + ALT + DELETE command from the remote software to allow you to log in.

If you require assistance, we are here to help.