Anti Virus

We offer all our contract support customers FREE Anti-Virus software for the lifetime of the contract.

  • Available features of our anti-virus software: -
    Small-footprint anti-malware agent

    Optimized to scan for threats quickly, protecting against viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, bots and other malware without draining resources or slowing down machines (even during scans).

    Patch Management

    The number one cause of malware infections and attacks is out-of-date software. Eliminate this threat our antivirus software, which auto-patches Java, Adobe and other popular non-Windows software.

    Mobile Device Management

    With BYOD the new norm, it’s critical to secure smartphones and tablets that access your network. Our software offers robust defenses against known and emerging mobile malware for Android smartphones and tablets, and provides the ability to locate lost or stolen devices, sound an alarm for lost Android devices and remotely lock iOS devices.

    Mac Desktop and Laptop Security

    The old adage “Macs don’t get infected” is simply not true. Our antivirus software keeps Macs on your network secure with a dedicated policy that lets you easily manage antivirus on Mac desktops and laptops from the central console.

    Email protection for PCs

    Protects against malicious email, keeping your users’ inboxes safe from email viruses with direct support for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and any program that uses POP3 or SMTP.

    Bad Website Blocking

    Protects your network from over 600,000 bad URLS by blocking traffic to malicious websites and stopping your users from browsing to these sites and inadvertently compromising their PCs.


    Worried about users clicking on phishing links? With our antivirus software, you don’t have to be. It automatically strips phishing links from emails before they can reach your users’ inboxes.

    Advanced Threat Monitoring

    Zero-day threats are zero problem for our antivirus software, which leverages Active Protection™, heuristics, signatures and other highly sophisticated detection methods to monitor and protect against malware threats.

    Real-time Threat Detection

    ThreatTrack Security Labs and our malware detection sources process hundreds of thousands of threat samples every day and incorporate this live threat data into the threat definition updates multiple times per day.

    Removal Of Your Existing Antivirus

    You don’t have to manually remove your existing antivirus from every machine. Our antivirus software does it for you. This ensures an environment free of other antivirus agents and eliminates conflicts during installation.

    Removable Device Scanning

    Who knows what your users store on their flash drives? Our antivirus software doesn’t take any chances, auto-scanning USB flash drives and other removable media for malware threats when plugged or inserted into PCs.

    Roaming Service

    Roaming Service manages off-network computers from a single console. This cloud-based server maintains communications between remote agents and the site server.

  • Any of our customers who aren’t on a support contract can opt to pay £1.75 + VAT per computer per month to have their computers protected by the same software.