Will your business survive tomorrow?
Backups come in many different shapes and sizes. How you backup really doesn’t matter as long as you have a reliable method of getting to copies of your data should the worst happen.

  • Many people backup onto an external drive or USB memory stick. These are great and work well. The only problem is when the worst-case scenario happens, e.g. a fire, and your external drive or USB memory stick was sitting next to your computer, the chances are it would have gone up in smoke as well or the backup simply hasn’t been done for a while and the document / file you need isn’t on the memory stick.

    Unfortunately a fire is probably the best example of how devastating loss of data can be to an individual or business. Deleting a file or folder accidentally or needing to restore something back to a previous version is the main reason many of us believe we need a backup. Whilst it is a valid reason and it obviously does what it is intended to do, a backup is primarily there to help protect your business in a worst case scenario. In a fire you would possibly lose everything, including paperwork and other important documents or files relating to your business.

    The question you should be asking yourself is would you be able to carry on working or trading should this happen to you.

    After the inconvenience of clearing up and getting a new computer etc, you should be able to restore your data and continue working or trading.

    At IT Eye Ltd we offer the best advice and solution(s) possible to suit your needs and budget. These solutions include off-site, automated backups to secure data-centres, so in the event of a small or large disaster for your company, you can rest-assured that your data is still available and your business can continue to trade.

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