If you have your own on-site IT Support Staff but they need a little extra help resolving issues from time-to-time, then we would be happy to help you or them to resolve them on an as and when needed basis or if required, a regular scheduled visit.

We provide on-site support to some of our customers on a regular (weekly / fortnightly) basis which helps them to resolve issues that their support staff are either not experienced in or don’t have the time to resolve / the technical expertise to be able to resolve on their own.

This means that our customers only pay for us when they really need us and they don’t have to sign up to a lengthy, expensive contract. If we start out providing regular on-site support on a fortnightly basis and we feel that this is too much or we aren’t doing much when we visit on-site we will let our customers know and they can opt to reduce the frequency or stop the support completely if they want to.

We have several customers where we have advised them that the frequency of our visits doesn’t seem appropriate and they have all reduced the frequency accordingly. Should their needs alter and their needs increase, then they will let us know and we will visit them more frequently for as long as they need us to.