Data Recovery

Losing your data can be devastating to any business, not only can it impact on your ability to function as a business, but it can also impact on your reputation with no information, missed orders and deadlines.

  • Hard drives can fail for a multitude of reasons: –

    • Power failure or spike
    • Being dropped
    • Damaged areas on the drive
    • Corruption
    • Clicking or strange sounds coming from the drive
    • Having a backup is crucial, but if you don’t then you want to be able to get as much of your data back as quickly as possible.

    The first thing you should do is turn the device off. This will minimise any further damage.

    We can then take a look at the drive and run some software to try and clone it and then repair or recover the files. If the drive is physically damaged then we can arrange for it to be sent to a specialist to attempt to recover your data under laboratory conditions.

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