Mark Sitwell

Mark has been involved in IT support for the last 25 years, working for a large company supporting a number of leisure sites around the country. Prior to that he has had a variety of jobs ranging from a Lifeguard and Lifeguard trainer (no, those red trunks do not do him justice any more) through to managing a 1200 seater theatre.

Mark went self-employed in 1999 providing IT support and advice to small businesses, concentrating on desktop support. During this time he bought and ran an Internet Café for a number of years until finally meeting Alan and forming IT Eye Ltd

Mark’s experience in running and supporting businesses has helped him provide sensible business related support to his clients by understanding not only what the IT systems are capable of, but also how the business will integrate with it.

Mark’s key skills are desktop support, Office software and every day computer use. His role in the company is more concentrated on the accounts and business development, but he is always there to lend a hand when needed.

About Mark Sitwell
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    Sales / Marketing Director