What are IT Eye doing to ensure you are covered?

We know your business depends on IT Eye's ability to provide reliable, uninterrupted service, so in light of the recent developments around Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we would like to share with you the measures we have taken to ensure service continuity.

We have, for a number of years, made investments in our technology infrastructure and business continuity planning to ensure we can operate all our systems and processes remotely with no interruption to normal service levels.

In the past, when it has snowed and been unsafe to travel we have tested and tweaked these system to ensure all our staff can work from home with virtually no change in the service we provide to our clients.

In fact, all are staff are currently working from home to minimise any chance of coming into contact with each other and possibly spreading the virus amongst the team.

Desk phones have been reverted to soft phones, allowing continuous phone access to our teams, and ensuring all skill groups would continue to work seamlessly.

All tools for managing support enquiries, quotes, order processing, etc. can be accessed via the cloud.

All staff have a remote desktop connection to their work computer should they require anything they may not have access to at home.